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  Welcome to the Lonestar Tactical Solutions firearm accessories page where you will find a wide variety of gun accessories for you firearms. Ranging from single point slings, two point slings, and vertical grips, with more items being updated soon.
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Holosun 403A $169.99
Holosun Technologies, HS403A Micro Red Dot, 2MOA Dot, Internal Battery,
Includes Low and 1/3 Co-Wintness Mount, Fits 1913 Picatinny Rail, 50,000
Hour Run Time, Auto Wake with 8 Hour Auto Off, Black Finish.

TROY Battle Sights
Rear $119.95 Front $99.95

Advanced design, superior sighting and battle-ready toughness define
Troy Industries Di-Optic Aperture (DOA) Folding Rear BattleSight.
These sights provide lightning fast target acquisition and are
manufactured to exceed military specs. The optically engineered
apertures center your eyes instantly and effortlessly providing a
clearer target picture than with round apertures. The sights feature
two settings, one for up to 300 meters and a second for up to 500
meters. This versatility makes the DOA ideal for military, law
enforcement and home defense applications. These advanced sights
have been extensively field-tested and, like all Troy Industries
products, areBattleReady.0.460" profile when folded. Protected
adjustment wheel, Machined from hardened Aircraft Aluminum with
stainless steel components and finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat
anodizing.Each click adjusts .50 MOA. Available in Black and
Flat Dark Earth. NOTE: Sight is designed to work on same plane
rail systems only. It will not work with a railed gas block that
is higher or lower than the receiver. Durability and dead-on
accuracy make Troy BattleSights the hands-down first choice of
Special Ops and Tactical Users Worldwide. Troy’s HK Front Folding
BattleSight is easy to install and deploy, with no levers or
springs to fumble with. No tools required for adjustment.
Sight can be moved or taken off without permanent modification
to the firearm. A stainless-steel cross-locking system ensures
sights remain upright and zeroed under extreme combat conditions.
A push of a button folds the sights securely out of the way until
you need them again.Machined from hardened Aircraft Aluminum with
stainless steel components and finished in MIL-SPEC hardcoat anodizing.
Each click adjusts .50 MOA. Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth.

Fab Defense Flip Up Sights $89.95
Every weapon with an optical sight should have an auxiliary
sighting system. If your optic depends on batteries, auxiliary
sights are an absolute necessity.Features:Designed for M4, M16
and AR-15 rifles, the KPOS system, and other weapons with
same-plane mounting locations and similar sight height.
Rear sight is finger-adjustable for windage.
Front sight is finger-adjustable for elevation.
Low-profile, lightweight design.May be used as primary or
secondary sights. Ambidextrous deployment and control.
High-grade polymer and metal construction. Spring-based
locking mechanism will not break or deform. Mounts to MIL-STD-1913
Picatinny rails. Front sight height designed for mounting to
handguard on same plane as rear sight, not to AR-15 gas blocks.
Front sight weight: .88 oz. Rear sight weight: 1 oz Made in Israel

Troy 3" M-LOK Rail $25.00
TROY 3" M-LOK Rail Section installs easily and
securely on most M-LOK handguards to accommodate
a full range of accessories utilizing a Picatinny
Rail for installation. Made in USA.

Troy 5.5" M-LOK Rail $43.00
TROY 5.5" M-LOK Rail Section installs easily and
securely on most M-LOK handguards to accommodate
a full range of accessories utilizing a Picatinny
Rail for installation. Made in USA.

Stealth Operator Compact Holster $34.95
The Stealth Operator Compact is the natural evolution
to the holster series, with a lightweight, minimalistic
design that allows for comfortable, all-day outside-the-waistband
(OWB) carry. The slim and simple profile coupled with an
open-muzzle bottom provides ample barrel space for an incredible
number of handguns. The Compact holster features the same
super-durable injection molded nylon shell, rust-resistant black
oxide hardware, and robustly flexible design you'll find throughout
the series. In addition, the Frame-Lock technology maintains
positive retention across a wide range of firearm designs. Once
your weapon locks into the holster, it will stay secure until
you need it. The Stealth Operator Compact will fit all Glock
(except G42) as well as the following: Taurus (840, 24/7, 609,
PT92, 809, and PT111); Ruger (SR Series and P95); Smith & Wesson
(Sigma Series, M&P, and P99); Springfield Armory (certain XD and
XDM models); H&K (P30, VP9, and P2000); Beretta (PX4, 92, 96, and
90/2); Sig Sauer (P224, P226, P229, and P320); most Walthers;
and many more. Made in USA

Stealth Operator Twin Mag Holster $34.95
The Stealth Operator Twin Mag is a perfect addition to the holster
family. Whether at home, on the job, or hitting the range, this
outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster provides all-day comfort, as
well as security for your double stack magazines. The Twin Mag is
designed using the same high-durability materials as the rest of
the series, including an injection molded nylon shell and rust-
resistant black oxide fasteners. An adjustable compression screw
grants an extremely wide range of fit for double stack magazines,
while the Frame-Lock technology grants positive retention during
even the most rugged use. The Stealth Operator Twin Mag fits double
stack magazines for most Glock handguns, such as 9mm models (G17,
G19, G26, and G34), .40 caliber models (G22, G23, G27, and G35),
.45 GAP models (G37, G38, and G39); and .357 SIG models (G31, G32,
and G33). In addition, it fits hundreds of other magazines using
similar dimensions. Made in USA.

GLOCK Tactical Skins $34.95
The TacticSkin Slide Cover mounts over the slide of a Glock pistol.
Purpose:Used to identify a pistol loaded with less lethal or training
munitions. Allows trainees to identify friend or foe in force on force
training. Has become popular as a fun accessory with competition and
casual shooters as it allows customization or can be painted without
requiring a permanent alteration of the pistol. Advantages: Provides
Improved Rear Charging Serrations for Improved Grip. Made of High-Grade
Non-Slip Polymer Composite. Adds Front Slide Serrations to Your Handgun
Allows Proper Heat Dissipation.Easily Installed No Gunsmithing Required.
Available in Black, OD Green, and Flat Dark Earth.
Compatibility:TACTIC SKIN 17 for GLOCK 17, 22, and 31
TACTIC SKIN 19 for GLOCK 19, 23, 25, 32 and 38 NOTICE: Cannot Be Used
With "C" Models. Weight .88 ounces(25 gr)Width 1.14"(29 mm)Height .9"
(23 mm)Made in Israe. FAB Defense.

Israeli Special Forces Carbine Training DVD $44.95
Instructors from the most elite Israeli Special Operations units,
including Yamam and Duvdevan teach the advanced fighting methods
used by these units. These methods are used by all Israeli special
forces units and are effective when used by large or small units,
teams, or individuals. DVD includes footage from actual courses,
as well as one-on-one instruction from the instructors directed
toward the viewer. Techniques are demonstrated, broken down, and
shown multiple angles. Includes both dry and live-fire
demonstrations. This video is filmed in English and contains
almost two hours of focused instruction.

Grip Pod Systems Military Vertical Grip + Bi-Pod $125.00
The Grip Pod System is a revolutionary new vertical fore-grip
intergrated with a strong and stable bipod. The Grip Pod's
legs deploy at the push of a button - instantly! It offers
a combination of advantages never before available in a
single accessory. The GPS is manufactured from materials
to exceed military specifications for constrution and
finish. It mounts directly to Picatinny rail systems.
The Grip Pod is currently in use by: US Navy Seals, US
Army Special Forces, US Army, USMC, British Army, Canadian
Army, FBI HRT, Secret Service, and several unmentionable
goverment entities. The Grip Pod has been selected for use
on US Army Designated Marksman rifles. Don't be fooled by
cheap Chinese GripPods that are made from cheap materials
and can not withstand the use or abuse of the original
Grip Pod System witch exceeds military specifications
and can support over 300 lbs in the Bi-Pod deployed position
Made in USA.

Vertical Foregrip $39.99
  • Compact no-slip design for use with or without gloves.

  • Two pressure switch housings.

  • Internal waterproof O-ring sealed storage compartment.

  • Quick-release mount with secure bolt locking option.

  • MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite.

  • Weight 4.7 ounces (134 gr)

  • Width 1.57" (40 mm)

  • Height 4.69" (119 mm)

  • Length 2.56" (65 mm)

  • FAB Defense, Made in Israel.

    Horizontal "Side-to-Side" Folding Grip $59.95
    The side-folding foregrip is designed primarily to provide a
    foregrip solution for AK-47/74, AKM, SA vz. 58 and other weapons
    that require magazines to be rocked into place. Folds to either
    side with 7 positions to allow magazines to clear the grip. It
    also can provide an advantage on any weapon when shooting from
    cover by keeping the support hand behind cover. Water resistant
    battery storage compartment. FAB Defense, Made in Israel.

    Angled Foregrip $39.95
    The ergonomic angled foregrip conceptualizes within its design
    a unique Special Forces combat proven instinctive shooting method
    incorporating natural pointing positioning which enhances accuracy,
    speed and overall tactical performance. Provides compartment for
    cleaning kit or spare battery. FAB Defense, Made in USA.

    Grip Position Support/Handstop $14.95
    Pack of two. Provides versatile solutions for various forward
    grip positioning enhancing comfort and increasing accuracy.
    This ergonomic support may be set to accommodate a wide variety
    of tactical locations for ideal operational superiority taking
    in mind ideal compact configuration. Available in Black, FDE
    and OD Green. FAB Defense, Made in Israel.

    Echo 93 DMS (Dual Mode Sling) $34.95
    This weapon sling was designed based on real world experience in
    overseas theatres of operations. It gives the user the versatility of
    twomodes of carry. Yet, it is simple to ues as the classic General
    Purpose strap. the specially designed hub makes this possible.
    Made in U.S.A.

    Single-point Sling $21.70
    Single-point sling with bungee section for comfort and movement.
    Steel snap clip and bungee section are shrouded by webbing.
    Adjustable size. Quick-release buckle allows sling to be removed
    without taking it over the head, useful when worn under a jacket.
    Made in Israel.

    Mission Spec M2P 2 point sling $49.99
  • 3 carry positions for maximum versitility

  • Quick cinch secures firearm snug against body

  • Made in USA
    See more info with videos at link below


    GL-Shock CP $114.99
    Shoot faster accurately!
    Reduces recoil and muzzle rise to allow faster, more accurate fire.
    Provide comfort for 5.56 and large caliber M4/AR-15s, .308 AR-10s and Mako
    shotgun kits. 5 sling attachment points, including 2 QR attachment points.
    Storage compartment for batteries or parts.
    MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite, steel hardware, rubber buttpad.
    Fits any weapon that accepts M-4/AR15 style stocks.
    Patented system reduces recoil and muzzle rise.
    Auto-tensioner for no-rattle fit on both mil-spec and commercial tubes!
    Comfortable rubber buttpad provides traction on body armor.
    Streamlined shape will not snag on gear.
    Cheek riser is adjustable for optimal height for optics.
    Made in Israel.

    Monopod Buttstock Add-on $89.95
    Can be adde to your GL-SHOCK or GL-MAG buttstocks. Provides additional
    support that ensures a more steady hold for extremely accurate shooting.
    Secure retaining mechanism prevents accidental deployment. Easily
    deployed and retracted into the buttstock. Hidden until needed. Top
    quality rubber foot for enhanced grip on slippery surfaces. Two-piece
    leg provides rapid deployment at the push of a button, and threaded
    micro adjustment for maximum aiming precision. FAB Defense, Made in Israel.

    GLR16 Buttstock $74.99
    Collapsible combat stock with advanced features to fit both MIL-SPEC
    and commercial receiver extensions. Standard issue stock for Israeli
    Defense Forces. 6 attachment points for single point, 2-point, and
    3-point slings. Rubber buttpad. Storage compartment for two CR123
    3V lithium batteries or two AA batteries. MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer
    composite, steel hardware. This is the stock chosen by SIG Sauer for
    use on the SIG 556 rifle. Made in Israel

    Adjutable Cheek Riser For GLR16 Stock $29.95
    Adjustable cheek riser for use with the GLR-16 stock.
    FAB Defense, Made in Israel.

    Troy's QD Sling Swivel With Rail Mount $33.00
    THe Troy Q.D. push button rail mount is a low profile rock solid attachment.
    Includes the push button Q.D. swivel. Made in U.S.A.

    Troy's QD Sling Swivel $15.00
    Versatile, durable and heavy-duty stainless steel detachable swivel. Raised cup
    around the button prevents accidental release. Made in U.S.A.

    1.4" UZI Recoil Buffer $13.95
  • Reduces recoil and muzzle climb.

  • Maximizes increase rate of fire.

  • Will fit semi and full auto models.

  • Made in USA

  • Colors
    Set of Two Polymer Daggers $9.95
    Completely non-metallic and non absorbent, ideal for EOD use.
    Made of high-tech composite materials with 60% glass fibers.
    Provides superior stabbing strength as well as a hard edge which
    can be re-sharpened.Serrated edge on both sides rips through
    materials like rope or webbing. Handle is comfortable to hold
    with thumb depression for secure grip. Lanyard hole and belt
    clip. Available in Black, FDE, and OD Green. FAB Defense, Made in Israel.

    Hybrid Polymer/Steel Expandable Baton $79.95
    Call to order

    Made of high-tech composite materials with a steel insert and tip. Extremely
    lightweight, corrosion resistant, and slightly flexible for more effective
    strikes. Handle is overmolded with comfortable rubber. Butt of the handle
    contains tungsten carbide glassbreaker tip. Folded carry position is 9.3".
    Three separate sections expand to an ideal 22.6 inches with a flip of the wrist.
    Once expanded, the baton will remain securely locked in place until released
    by bringing the tip down on a hard surface. Weight - 9.3 oz. Includes ballistic
    nylon belt or MOLLE pouch. FAB Defense. Made in Israel.

    Iron Eagle Tactical (Model 103b) $59.95
    Ruger SR-22 Top Rail, ten and three eighths (10 3/8) inches long, with five (5) screws.
    It extends from the existing Picatinny rail on the SR-22 rifles to the end of the forearm.
    It, also, has the Combat Draft System. (Screws not pictured) Made in USA.

    Iron Eagle Tactical (Model 106b) $47.50
    Does not have the hole in the E-Tac rail for the sling swivel stud.
    This one can be used on the sides and the top of the forearm.( 9" Long)
    Included with each rail will be 4 screws. Made in USA.

    10-22/SR-22 Hammer Shims $18.00
    Helps eliminate excessive hammer play in your action. This will improve
    your trigger-pull performance. Made in USA.

    10-22/SR-22 Disconnector Shims $18.00
    10-22 Disconnector Shims Helps eliminate excessive Trigger/Disconnector
    Play between your trigger and Disconnector. This will improve your
    trigger-pull performance. Made in USA.

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