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Signature Series #1
#1 of our new Signature Series line of AK. Mods on this one include
Fab Defense shock tube, Fab Defense GL-ShockCP Buttstock, Fab
Defense monopod, US PALM grip, Krebs safety, Ram speed catch,
Solar Tactical magazine funnel enhanced reload, Red Star Arms Fire
control group, Red Star Arms retainer plate, Wolff 15% XP recoil
spring, Black Jack Buffers recoil buffer, Texas Weapons System
DogLeg Rail, Ultimak lower Handguard, Grip Pod Systems GPS-02,
Fab Defense Tactical Hand Supports, Mission Spec M2P sling, Troy
Industries QD sling attachments and rail mount, Troy Industries gas
tube rail, Magpul Flip up sights(will be upgraded to Troys soon),
Eotech XPS-2, Eotech G-23 magnifier, Gemtech flash hider for
gemtech quicksand, modded the lower Handguard to not use barrel
clamps, custom action work that has the action smooth as butter,
Bolt drop mod to Krebs safety, removed front sight block, lower
Handguard retainer and side scope mount and filled in the grooves
left on barrel and holes left on receiver and painted.

Signature Series #2
#2 of our Signature Series sporting custom Tiger Camo paint job.
The few different options on this one are the Fab Defense
ruberized grip, PWS FSC47 compensator, Troy Sights, EoTech
300BLK, EoTech G33 magnifier, standaard recoil spring.

Custom WASR 10
Mods on this Custom Romanian WASR 10 include Fab Defense
GK-Mag buttstock with 8 position Fab Defense buttstock tube,
Fab Defense pistol grip, Fab Defense handguard, Fab Defense
Side to Side folding foregrip, Echo93 V1, Red Star Arms Fire
Control Group and retainer plate, and enhanced mag release.

Custom I.O. HellPup
This AK pistol is equipped with Fab Defense pistol grip,
Fab Defense HandGuard, Fab Defense Angled Grip, Fab
Defense single point sling, Krebs Safety, Ram Speed
Catch mag release, Red Star Arms Fire Control Group
and retainer plate, BlackJack Buffer, and Echo93 V4.

Custom Ruger SR-22
This Custom Ruger-22 is equiped with Fab Defense GLR-16
buttstock with cheek riser, Troy Industries QD Sling Mount,
Echo93 Dual Mode Sling, Fab Defense Flip up Sights, Fab
Defense Ladder Rail covers, Fab Defense Vertical Foregrip,
Rock Mount Bipod, Fab Defense pistol grip, Power Customs
Adj. Grand Master Action Kit, Power Customs Titanium
Extractor, Fab Defense Tactical hand supports, Recoil
Buffer, and a Gemtech Outback II.

Stippled U.S. PALM Mag
The SGL-21 is the civilian version of the Russian AK-103.
Made at the Izhmash factory in Russia.

These were all the parts removed and relaced
along with the rear sight leaf and the mag release

This is what was left minus
the rear sight leaf and mag release

Custom SGL-21
This is what we turned it into
Mods include U.S. PALM battle grip,
U.S.PALM AK30 mag,speed ram catch
enhanced mag release,Grip Pod System,
Red Star Arms fully adjustable FCG,
Krebs custom qaud rail,EoTech XPS2,
Texas Weapons System hinged dust
cover rail,recoil reducing buffer
tube,recoil reducing stock,15% XP
recoil spring,recoil buffer pad and
a Krebs custom enhanced safety with
bolt hold open

Has a Red Star Arms adjustable trigger

Custom Ruger SR-22

Mods include Iron Eagle Tactical rails,
FAB Defense vertical grip with two
pressure switch housings and water
proof storage compartment,Troy
industries end plate with 3 quick
detach sling points,pivoting and
canting bipod,rubber butt pad,
EoTech XPS2,Power Customs Adjustable
Grand Master Action kit,titanium
extended bolt handle,titanium
extractor and a Gemtech Outback 2

Two Ruger 10-22's gatling stlyle
Two Ruger 10-22's in a Gatling kit. Will
shoot as fast as you can turn the crank.

Custom SR-22
Equipped with Iron Eagle Tactical rails,
brush guard,and flash hider along with a
folding vertical foregrip, bypod, laser,
flashlight, and scope.

Custom SR-22
Custom SR-22 mods include Iron Eagle Tactical
rails and brush guard along with flip up iron
sights,and bypod